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Contractor sign-in and compliance

With face identification sign-in, flexible surveys, and smart document management, you can rest assured that every contractor meets your entry requirements.

Pedestrian access control

Pair face authentication and compliance checks with access control to ensure workers are authorised and compliant to come onsite.

Vehicle access control

Open boom gates for authorised vehicles with a combination of face authentication and/or license plate recognition. Sign in drivers and capture vehicle dwell times to help optimise efficiencies

Evacuations and safety checks

Easily identify someone on the spot with face authentication on your phone. Check if someone is signed-in and if they are compliant and run swift evacuations with a digital record of everyone onsite.



We value client feedback. If you would like to schedule an appointment by phone, or have an enquiry regarding any of our products or services, please call our Melbourne office on 1300 723 308. Alternatively you can email us and one of our technicians will reply to you within 24 hours.



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