Monitor the entry of all vehicles onto the premises

Create a thorough vehicle database, logging entry/exit times, and offer insights via a user-friendly web and mobile app. Optimise operations, security, and tracking by seamlessly managing vehicle movements through an intuitive platform.

Pair to access control

Allow seamless gate access for authorised vehicles while swiftly halting entry for unauthorised ones. Enhance safety protocols by implementing intelligent gate control that identifies and responds to vehicles based on their authorisation status, fortifying site protection.

See what needs optimising

Reveal hidden issues through analysing vehicle dwell times, lane traffic, and insightful data, fostering proactive solutions and efficiency enhancements. Attain a comprehensive operational view, driving strategic improvements for optimised site performance.

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Enhance vehicle flow and throughput

Amidst simultaneous vehicle arrivals, automation becomes pivotal. Utilise automated vehicle identification and compliance checks to mitigate congestion, amplifying operational efficiency and expediting processes for a seamless site experience.

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Reduce operational expenses

Cut down costs associated with manned gatehouses and intercoms for vehicle access management. Embrace license plate recognition to automate the process, leading to significant savings and operational efficiency gains.

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Automated driver identification

Enhance security with automated driver identification, integrating face ID verification for an added layer of protection. Ensure compliance for both drivers and vehicles, allowing access solely to authorised individuals, thus fortifying site security effectively.

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Receive real-time vehicle notifications

Configure personalised alerts for instant notifications when a vehicle is stopped, enabling swift action to minimise entry disruptions and potential delays effectively.

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Initiate vehicle enrollment

Streamline vehicle management by pre-registering via email or database sync for swift recognition upon arrival. Alternatively, enable on-the-spot enrollment at the gate, ensuring efficient access processes that enhance convenience and security measures.

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Incorporate pedestrian control points

Leverage our software to oversee pedestrian access through turnstiles or doors. Employ facial recognition for individual identification, verify compliance, and log attendance, guaranteeing site entry solely for authorised personnel. Enhance security and attendance tracking seamlessly.

Automated access control

Nirovision employs cloud-based checks on vehicle compliance and access credentials before using an AC controller to activate a boom gate for access. This automation streamlines entry, ensures compliance, manages exceptions, and reduces administrative overhead effectively.

Utilising data from IP cameras, LPR cameras, and Doorkeepers, organisations can make access decisions for people and vehicles, contingent on adherence to site policies and access privileges. This approach enhances security and efficiency in access management.


Additional integrations for contractors

Workforce management

Cross check compliance to ensure drivers meet your entry requirements.


Use our API to design solutions that are powered by Nirovision.

Access control

Pair with access control or bluetooth relay devices to grant or deny access.

View insights on web or mobile

Powered by Nirovision
Through a web and mobile app you can access insights from anywhere. See what vehicles are onsite, view vehicle compliance and receive notifications.


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