Gather the necessary information

Guaranteeing contractors’ adherence to safety and security standards is achieved through the implementation of surveys and intelligent document management systems.

Facilitate reliable authentication

Implement pre-registration for contractors using facial recognition to ensure accurate verification during sign-in, guaranteeing the correct individual’s access.

Explore Comprehensive Integrations

Explore our integrated solutions for seamless contractor management, covering inductions, training, and compliance – all in one efficient process.


Powered by Nirovision

Revolutionises contractor sign-in procedures by simplifying and optimising the entire process. With just an iPad and our cutting-edge software, you can seamlessly manage contractor entry. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to a digital, user-friendly solution.

Effortlessly customise sign-in forms, capture necessary details, and even print visitor badges on the spot. Doorkeeper is your modern, efficient solution to enhance your facility’s access management, leaving a lasting impression on contractors and visitors alike.

Welcome contractors

Sign in and sign out

Enable breaks

Check compliance

Check BAC

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Pre-register contractors

Simplify onsite procedures by letting contractors pre-register before their arrival. This minimises entry delays, as they can provide information, compliance documents, and watch safety videos in advance, streamlining the sign-in process.

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Track hours worked and attendance

Automate attendance collection and timesheet tracking, streamlining data gathering while facilitating seamless cross-location reporting. Simplify payroll procedures by effortlessly exporting comprehensive information, enhancing overall workforce management efficiency.

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View instant, real-time insights

Employ a live dashboard to track contractors present onsite in real time, enhancing evacuation preparedness and enabling efficient safety checks. This dynamic tool significantly bolsters safety protocols, allowing for prompt responsiveness in critical situations.

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Get attendance alerts

Receive notifications for individual or group sign-ins onsite, as well as alerts when no check-ins occur by a specified time, ensuring comprehensive attendance oversight. This feature facilitates prompt action and helps maintain accountability in various scenarios.

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Conduct random compliance inspections

Experience the convenience of Spot Checks by using your mobile phone to instantly identify individuals onsite, verify their sign-in status, and ensure compliance. This innovative feature streamlines monitoring processes and enhances security measures through quick, mobile-based assessments.

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Establish AI-driven checkpoints

Integrate with access control to guarantee that only inducted and compliant contractors gain onsite entry, eliminating the need for swipe cards, pin codes, or keys. This seamless pairing enhances security measures and simplifies contractor management for a streamlined access experience.

Additional integrations for contractors

Workforce management

Link with workforce management to make sure every licence, insurance and qualification is up to date.


Sync timesheet data directly to KeyPay or MYOB to enable flexible payroll in the cloud.


Make Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) checks part of the sign-in process to keep your workplace alcohol free.


Powered by Nirovision


Intelligent Site Safety with IP cameras to enhance contractor safety. Put names to faces when reviewing security footage or be notified if a contractor enters a restricted area.


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