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Intelligent Site Safety seamlessly integrates with access control systems or utilises an Ethernet relay device to facilitate door or turnstile opening. This versatile approach ensures smooth connectivity and enhances security management efficiently.

Enhance access security

Enable swift access through facial authentication, eliminating concerns about lost, stolen, or shared keys and swipe cards. This frictionless method enhances security while offering convenience to users.

Gather valuable analytics

Effortlessly track door access records, identifying individuals, entry times, and busiest areas. Gain insights into high-traffic entryways and peak activity periods, optimising operational strategies with clear visibility.


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Reduce costs associated with keys, cards, and badges

Facilitate uninterrupted access without credential presentation, eliminating the need for employee ID cards, keys, and fobs. This not only enhances convenience but also reduces costs and administrative efforts associated with traditional access methods, streamlining overall access control management efficiently.

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Record ingress and egress timestamps

Enhance access control using facial identification, optimised by comprehensive context: track individuals accessing specific doors at distinct times and note any instances of restriction. This holistic approach fortifies security by providing actionable insights into user activities.

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Introduce an additional security layer

Enhance security by merging traditional and biometric credentials in 1FA, 2FA, or 3FA setups. This combined approach fortifies protection, thwarting unauthorised entry effectively.

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Effortlessly oversee access privileges

Implement automated access denial upon expiration of compliance documents, while establishing diverse access regulations based on individual profiles, departments, and timeframes. This dynamic approach enhances security and operational control effectively.

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Incorporate health assessments into access protocols

Integrate blood alcohol checks and temperature screenings into access control to detect potential health risks. This proactive measure enhances safety by identifying individuals who may pose a threat due to impairment or illness, ensuring a secure environment.

Additional integrations for contractors

Workforce management

Verify compliance within Rapid Global or LinkSafe before granting access.


Add temperature checks to your access rules to minimise health risks.


Add a blood alcohol check before granting access to your site.

Access control made easy

Powered by Nirovision
Intelligent Site Safety provides access control insights that can be viewed remotely. Receive stop notifications and see which doors were accessed, when, and who was allowed entry.


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