Access evidence at your fingertips

With the Intelligent Site Safety mobile app, swiftly identify individuals onsite by pointing your phone at them. This efficient and secure method ensures accurate identification without room for fraud, enhancing user experience.

Streamlined compliance verification

Effortlessly assess compliance status, tracking document expirations and pending approvals through a swift process. Maintain site safety, evade penalties, and ensure regulatory adherence seamlessly with efficient compliance checks.

Enhanced evacuation effectiveness

Employ Spot Checks to ensure precise accountability during evacuations, sidestepping potential errors associated with manual roll calls. This systematic approach enhances evacuation efficiency and bolsters safety protocols effectively.


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Equip your security team

Equip security personnel with a rapid means to authenticate individuals on-site. Instantly ascertain if someone’s presence is warranted or if they’ve entered a restricted zone, enhancing real-time security management and minimising unauthorised access risks.

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Strengthen on-site compliance enforcement

Efficiently identify individuals in real-time and verify their compliance for a secure workplace. Eliminate disputes and questioning through instant checks, ensuring safety measures without disruptions.

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Optimise evacuation procedures

Initiate evacuations via the Intelligent Site Safety mobile app, accessing an on-site list and swiftly confirming safety through face scans. By circumventing cumbersome roll calls and potential mistakes, this approach streamlines the evacuation process effectively.

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Detect an individual in distress

Spot Checks prove valuable in man down scenarios, enabling swift identification even in unresponsive situations. This capability enhances emergency response, ensuring prompt assistance for individuals in need.

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Perform wellness assessments

Integrate Spot Checks with handheld thermometers or blood alcohol breath testers to gauge health risks, updating the individual’s sign-in record accordingly. This holistic approach bolsters safety measures by flagging potential health concerns effectively.

Additional integrations for contractors

Workforce management

Link with Rapid Global or LinkSafe to cross check compliance and make sure every licence, insurance and qualification is up to date.

Temperature screening

Screen for body temperature when doing Spot Checks to keep staff safe and healthy.


Add blood alcohol content (BAC) to Spot Checks to keep your workplace alcohol free.

View insights on web or mobile

Powered by Nirovision
Through a web and mobile app you can access insights from anywhere. See a digital log of everyone onsite, run an evacuation, and receive notifications for important activity.


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