Video Alarm Monitoring: The Future Of Security

Video Monitoring is the latest technology in alarm monitoring transforming the way you can protect your business. Innovative Security and Data provide video alarm monitoring which allows for immediate verification of an alarm event using your  surveillance cameras and alarm systems to communicate together allowing for the recording of activities to be sent directly to our 24/7 Video Control Room to action events for your business.

What are the benefits?

Using our Video Monitoring technology has numerous benefits over traditional alarm monitoring such as;


Police in the event of an alarm activation from your security system will not attend unless a crime can be visually verified which is why their are alarm response guards. with Video Monitoring it allows the control room to immediately detect intruders effectively and reliably, no longer requiring for you to pay $$$ for physical manpower to attend on your behalf or receive nuisance late night phone calls causing disruptions through the night or needing to attend site to investigate a false alarm


Attending a business late at night to assess an alarm activation can be very risky given that the system is designed to notify you in the instance their is a break in occurring at your business. with Video Monitoring you and your staff will stay safe by no longer needing to attend your business to investigate the cause  preventing risk of injury or OH&S Compliance Risk


Prevent unnecessary guard costs caused by weather, animals or insects needing to attend your business to investigate the cause by patrol guard attendances to your business by verifying the cause remotely saving you $$$


Through our Video Monitoring service we also provide health status monitoring, allowing us to be notified in the event a camera was to become damaged or lose connection, prevent your HDD storage recording to fail and notify you in the event something is wrong with your CCTV hardware.


  • Help to prevent crimes in progress or before they’re committed
  • Allow for Police attendance instead of guards for immediate arrest of perpetrators and faster response times

How does it work?

It will clip a 15-30 second clip of the moment the alarm had been triggered directly to the 24×7 Control room for the Operator to quickly review video footage to verify the source of an alarm without having to wait for onsite visits by staff or a guard and prevent unnecessary late night phone calls through the night. If a false alarm was accidentally triggered, they can reset it immediately. If an actual emergency exists, they can notify local authorities immediately. Video surveillance provides full coverage of all areas under surveillance so no areas can be left unmonitored at any time, increasing safety and reducing liability.

Minimise your alarm devices

In the security industry their are multiple alarm devices required to look after your site from Door contact REED’s, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak’s & Smoke Detectors. Using Video Monitoring we can provide a complete solution requiring only a PIR & Camera.

When it comes to security monitoring, there are two types. ‘Alarm Monitoring’ and ‘Video Monitoring’.

Alarm Monitoring

is the communication from your alarm system, sending a digital signal using either your local internet network (IP) or via a wireless 3G/4G alternative (GPRS) to communicate an burglar device or system event to a central monitoring station to then notify an emergency contact list or a patrolman to attend site to verify the event.

Video Monitoring

is similar however it integrates your Surveillance system to the control room to not only verify the cause but also because it’s instantaneous it allows the ability of  preventing the crime in progress, but that is only the beginning of what you can do with a good surveillance system. Additional Benefits of Video Monitoring are:

  • Immediately verify if an alarm is false or real
  • Detect intruders more effectively and reliably
  • Reduce false alarms caused by faulty detectors, animals, insects, wind & rain
  • Reduce costs by no longer requiring physical manpower to attend on false alarms
  • Improve OH&S Compliance by no longer requiring staff onsite attendance to high risk situations or being woken by calls for false alarms
  • Camera Health Status Monitoring
  • Help to prevent crimes in progress or before they’re committed
  • Allow for Police attendance instead of guards for immediate arrest of perpetrators and faster response times


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