Perfect for the protection of workplaces such as aged care facilities, hospitals, food production, offices and warehouses, our Body Temperature Screening System reads human temperature up to 1.5 metres away allowing hands off temperature measurement. Providing a much faster solution than manual forehead temperature readings that also require manpower.

» accurate to within ±0.3ºC
» easy to use interface
» systematic and repeatable process
» provides visual and audible alerts
» uses a constant temperature reference source


Optional facial recognition tracks the average daily temperature of repeat visitors and staff members. The ability to track temperature based on an individual person allows the reading to compensate for each person’s regular body temperature.  This individualised tracking ensures the reading only provides an alert based on an elevation above normal, resulting in dramatically lower false positives.  This also allows greater tracking of persons who may be exhibiting only a minor fever above their normal temperature.

This technology can also be used to detect specific people of interest using a VIP/Blacklist notification system to notify you of an important client’s arrival or preventing access to the building of a blacklisted user.


Our Fever Detection System also provide many other benefits including Face Mask Detection. Using facial recognition AI, the system can recognise if a person is not wearing a mask and provide an audible warning and remote push notification to your smart device.

With mask wearing now mandatory in certain regions of Australia, our system can also reduce the risk of businesses being fined for non compliance.


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